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Who We Are

Contour Design Collective is a full-service strategic planning, permitting, design, and construction oversight firm specializing in mountain resort and outdoor recreational amenities .

Our team not only works on resort projects but are also experienced in leading mountain resort operations at major destinations within the US.

Our Process


Our data collection process begins with the Client – what are the objectives and the outcome the Client wishes to achieve? By fully understanding the needs and in-house know-how our Clients already have on hand, Contour is able to supplement that knowledge with our expertise and the the full gamut of data collection required to assemble a full understanding of your Project.


With the information gathered during the data collection process, Contour works with our Clients to design projects and solutions that meet the needs of your team. Contours experience as both consultants’ and operators’ allows us to design solutions that work both on the drawing board and in the real world. Our designs incorporate both the practical knowledge of our Clients, as well as our in house expertise, to provide world class solutions that will exceed your needs.


From concept plans through construction oversight, the team at Contour has the expertise to make sure a project is delivered on time and on budget. Collectively, we have decades of experience overseeing the construction of a variety of projects including residential and commercial units, trails, ski lifts and other infrastructure, often times in ecologically sensitive areas that include demanding permit requirements and oversight. Our team is able to provide oversight and verification that numerous local, state and federal agencies now mandate.


Many of our Clients work either directly in, or are associated with, the resort and recreation industry. Our goal is to help our Clients find solutions that will help your owners and guests enjoy and take advantage of amenities that will help you grow your business and provide one of a kind experiences that your guests will cherish.

Our Expertise

The Principals at Contour bring over 75 years of resort expertise to help shape your vision.

Contour is unique in that the principals not only have decades of experience planning, designing, permitting and constructing projects across the US, they also have significant operations experience including Director of Mountain Operations, Director of Resort Planning and General Manager at several resorts across the Country.

Mountain Planning

The foundation of work at Contour starts with Mountain Planning – we are passionate about trail, lift, and snowmaking planning and design. Collectively, our project involvement list is extensive with demonstrated experience around the globe having total values in the hundreds of millions. Mountain planning also includes base area and on-mountain residential and commercial development, as well as optimizing and expanding existing operations throughout the resort. The principals at Contour have worked with Clients assisting with due diligence research and analysis, as well as asset management.

Recreation Planning

With expertise and experience gained in the resort industry, Contour has continually expanded our services to include additional recreational amenities. These amenities can be found in settings ranging from urban parks to rural neighborhoods, and include trails (multi-use, hiking, mountain biking, ebike, etc.), skate parks, tubing hills, dog parks, neighborhood courts as well as a multitude of aerial features. We have assisted Clients looking to expand their year round offerings with mountain coasters, zip lines, overlanding courses and other amenities.

Land Planning

Whether your project involves new development, redevelopment, land acquisition, or permitting compliance, either in a resort, urban or rural setting, we are uniquely positioned to support you with integrated services and a seasoned team. Our team is adept at analyzing zoning, subdivision, workforce housing and permitting requirements while creating a land plan that will maximize the long-term value of your investment.

Construction Oversight

The best of plans can become useless in the field without effective construction oversight. Construction oversight can lead to significant savings in both time and money by ensuring permit compliance, photo documentation and a reduction in change orders. Too many projects look to save money by eliminating professional construction management – in too many instances this leads to fines for permit violations and delays of months or even years – our team can prevent that allowing projects to be completed on time and budget.

Geospatial Services

Integrating Client data and information with assets and infrastructure, vendor operations and guest data reveals insight that help establish and maintain a competitive edge. Contour’s extensive experience performing spatial analyses with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) better inform the decision-making process and accurately predict possible scenarios that help our Clients plan, or mitigate, future circumstances. In addition, we also develop and employ a variety of web-based spatial applications that not only facilitate in-house activities and introduce operational efficiencies, but also enhance the overall guest experience.

3D Modeling & Visualization

We are all inherently visual creatures and often gain greater insight when presented with thoughtful and accurately developed images and videos. Our 3D Modeling & Visualization services transform your data and ideas into life-like images and animations, providing a highly effective means of visually communicating your concepts and proposals. Whether creating complex, spatially-accurate modeled 3D environments and landscapes, or performing simple photo-realistic graphic simulations, we have solutions that bring your data and plans to life.

The Team

We are a team of curious creatives with infinite ideas.

Collectively, the principals of Contour have nearly 75 years of experience in the recreation and mountain resort industry.

Tim McGuire

Tim McGuire  

Tim is a development executive with over 25 years of experience in all facets of recreation and land planning, design and development as well as resort operations. He excels at working with a spectrum of stakeholders and had gained extensive ski resort development and operations experience during the course of his career.

Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson  

Mike is an accomplished multidisciplinary planner with over 25 years of experience as a ski resort planner for over 50 ski resorts worldwide. He most recently held the position with Vail Resorts as the director of resort planning for Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek Resort

Zach Perdue

Zach Perdue  

Zach is a proficient GIS Analyst and recreational planning consultant with over 20 years of diversified experience. He supports numerous studies and planning initiatives and employs the latest spatial technologies and visualization solutions to support a wide variety of recreation planning projects from project conception to implementation.

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